Integrative Veterinary Care

So what kind of medicine do we practice? It may be helpful to define some terms found on our website to help you better understand our medical philosophy.

Types of Veterinary Medicine

  • Conventional medicine refers to using pharmaceuticals and surgery to treat health conditions. This is the kind of veterinary care that many of us are accustomed and the foundation for a typical veterinary education. Conventional medicine can be both invasive and effective. In some critical and emergency situations, conventional medicine may very well be the optimal treatment option.
  • Alternative medicine refers to therapies that are excluded by conventional medicine and include hundreds of old and new practices including acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbs. Alternative therapies are typically less invasive, more natural and some are scientifically proven while others are not.
  • Complementary medicine is a term used when alternative therapies are used in conjunction with conventional medicine.
  • Integrative medicine utilizes all three of these types of medicine to provide the most effective treatment plan for each individual animal. In addition, integrative medicine considers the whole pet including their history, environment, behavior and diet.

Dr. Restey practices integrative medicine and works with each animal to understand their unique health story and partners with pet caretakers to develop a health plan that is best for the pet which may include conventional, alternative, and/or complementary medicine. This health plan not only includes the treatment of disease, but preventative and healthy pet care as well.

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