Beneficial Natural Pet Formulas



At the recent American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association annual conference in Kansas City Missouri, I found products highly regarded by my integrative veterinary peers. I am very excited to share them with our clientele as I am already seeing beneficial results in the patients that I’ve started on them.

Dental and Arthritis

1-TDC is a specifically formulated oil product (esterified fatty acid) that has great benefit for inflammatory diseases. It is labeled for use in periodontal disease and arthritis and has many studies supporting its effectiveness for these conditions. I have also had good results for urinary tract (bladder) inflammation, and other vets have successfully used it for inflammatory bowel disease and topical skin inflammation as well.  I am using this at home on my dog that has suffered from a ligament injury and was stiff and limping.  After about a month he was visible more mobile and flexible.   I was encouraged by the results.


One of my goals going to this conference was to find a holistic option for anxiety in pets such as separation anxiety and fear of thunder and fireworks. A high school classmate of mine and long time practitioner of Chinese medicine with pets, recommended a Chinese herbal formula called “Calm ES” (Extra Strength) for dogs especially and have seen some tremendous results in some patients so far. For cats I am using a therapeutic grade essential oil by DoTerra, Serenity, as it can be very difficult to get a cat to eat herbs no matter how beneficial it would be for them.  It is diluted in a carrier oil because when used full strength it can be offensive to the animal’s sensitive sense of smell  and  to their skin. We are also finding good results using Serenity with dogs.

Please call us if you think your pets could benefit from any of these treatments and we would be happy to help you and them on your path to improved health.